Julia Wieniawa cried on the show. Why?

Dancing with the Stars 11: an extremely emotional speech by Julia Wieniawa. Just before the second competition dance, she revealed that she was suffering a lot. Her appeal is heartbreaking.

Friday Episode Dancing with the Stars 11 turned out to be very emotional for Julia Wieniawa. She danced her choreography brilliantly, scoring 30 points, but it cost her a lot. She confessed, causing her great suffering.

Julia Wieniawa cried in Dancing with the Stars. Why?

Julia Wieniawa from the beginning of the new edition of TzG she is considered a favorite. Many bode her and Stefano Terrazzino Crystal Ball. Indeed, in every episode, she shows that she is ready to win. The program also allows us to get to know her better. The young actress has opened up a lot.

First, in one episode, she told about the broken marriage of her parents and showed her father, and today she cried in front of the cameras, revealing what she has to deal with on a daily basis.

I’m just an ordinary girl. Whose words hurt too. Hate hurts me, but no hate on the internet. Only hate that is in people. The worst comments are that people say that someone gave me something, that someone arranged something for me, that I have no talent, that I should not do something, do something, that nobody cares. But not only me. (…) Everyone judges everyone through the prism of appearances. Only this mask, this armor is judged. They forget that there is a man behind this mask. And I have this mask too. And it comes out of me. Because I have enough, just enough.

Stefani Terrazzino supported her.

She’s very brave anyway, she has very thick skin, but that skin ends at some point. Let this dance be cleansing.

Julia threw out her emotions in the dance. It delighted the jury and moved the audience. This performance was one of her best on the show.

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