Judge dismisses complaint against prosecutors in case involving former Paraguayan Interior Minister Arnaldo Giuzzio and drug trafficker Marcus Vinicius Espíndola

Marcus Vinicius Espíndola maintained a close relationship with the former Minister of the Interior and the Senate Arnaldo Giuzzio, who is accused of aggravated passive bribery. Photo: File

The criminal judge of Guarantee Miguel Palacios dismissed the complaint formulated at the time by the former Minister of the Interior Arnaldo Giuzzio against the prosecutors Osmar Legal and Alicia Sapriza, who were denounced by Giuzzio for taking various objects from his home when the residence of the former Secretary of State was searched.

The prosecutor Natalia Silva was the one who requested the dismissal of the complaint, request that was granted by Judge Palacios. With this judicial resolution the case goes to the archive.

According to the request of the Public Ministry, in In the present case, the necessary elements have not been met to be able to initiate a criminal proceeding for the crime of appropriation, for which reason it is appropriate to request the dismissal of the complaint, refers to part of the brief of the prosecutor in the case.

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Prosecutors Osmar Legal and Alicia Sapriza charged former Interior Minister Arnaldo Giuzzio with aggravated passive extortion. The Public Ministry maintains that the former Secretary of State received a bribe from the drug trafficker arrested in Brazil, Marcus Vinicius Espíndola Marqués de Padua.

In addition, the Brazilian Prosecutor’s Office forwarded messages from Marcos Vinicius with Giuzzio, with which it is shown that there is a link between the two. According to the investigation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Paraguay, from July 2021 to February 2022, Arnaldo Giuzzio, in his character of Interior Minister, would have been in contact and communication with Brazilian citizen Marcus Vinicius Espíndola Marquis de Padua.

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The Ministry of Health continues with the winter 2023 vaccination campaign and people can be immunized against covid-19 and influenza. Photo: Nadia Monges

The director of the Expanded Immunization Program (PAI), Héctor Castro, explained this Friday that so far in the winter 2023 vaccination campaign More than 700,000 doses against influenza and 200,000 doses against covid-19 were applied. He urged people not to let their guard down with immunization.

“The campaign began on April 10 last. There are already more than 700,000 applied doses of the quadrivalent vaccine against influenza and 200,000 applied doses of the covid-19 bivalent from January until last Thursday”, said the director of the PAI in communication with radio 1000 AM.

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held that it is essential to measure the importance of vaccination against respiratory conditions to prevent severe cases, attending to the increase in infections that has been taking place for a few weeks throughout the country and the numbers could increase in the coming weeks.

Castro indicated that vaccines reduce the possibility of hospitalization, “complications and severe forms”, that can even cause the death of a non-immunized person. There is also a considerable increase in consultations in hospitals for respiratory symptoms.

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“With vaccines we reduce complications and hospitalizations. We still have about 1,500,000 doses of the quadrivalent against influenza. We have hospitalizations due to respiratory symptoms, especially due to respiratory syncytial virus in children. The vaccine against covid-19 is annual, it protects against both variants”, added the director of the PAI.

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The Ministry of Health continues with the winter vaccination campaign 2023. Quadrivalent vaccines against influenza and the annual bivalent vaccine against covid-19 are applied, aimed at people from 12 years of age. The campaign will run until July 14.

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Alexis Ocampos, councilor of the Municipality of Fernando de la Mora. PHOTO: COURTESY

Municipal councillors, presidents and members of the committee, conventional members and members of the Liberal Youth affiliates of Fernando de la Mora prepared a joint statement to express their repudiation of the figure of Efraín Alegre, demanding his immediate resignation as president of the Authentic Radical Liberal Party (PLRA). “Efraín works against the PLRA itself,” said Alexis Ocampos, a councilor for the Municipality of Fernando de la Mora.

“As a Liberal leader and as a municipal authority, I join the concerns that are being experienced in these times of failure of the Liberal Party. Currently, we have been suffering defeat after defeat with the Efraín Alegre administration because he has not had the capacity to put together a serious Concertación”, Ocampos expressed in the “Arriba hoy” program, broadcast by GEN / Nación Media.

Accountability constitutes another of the demands set forth in the statement, taking into account that a requested credit for more than G. 4,000 million was made public days ago, which apparently had been requested without having previously consulted the Board of the Liberal Party.

This, in addition to claiming the lack of payment to the table members who have represented the Concertación on April 30. “Throughout the entire country you can find countless party leaders and affiliates who have been completely disappointed in Alegre, because once again we have accompanied him to end up failing behind him,” he said.

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