José Trinidad Cabañas ship is already in Puerto Cortés


The ship “General José Trinidad Cabañas”, Which was built in Israel for the Honduran Naval Force, docked yesterday in Puerto Cortés to join the tasks of fighting drug trafficking, control of fishing areas, cruise ship safeguards and natural disasters.

The ship, whose cost is 54 million dollars, which will be paid within 10 years, arrived at the cabotage dock of the National Port Company in Puerto Cortés, in the Honduran Caribbean, the Armed Forces of Honduras.

The new piece of the Naval will contribute to “combat organized crime” in Honduras, as well as “protect its marine resources,” added the armed institution in its Twitter account, where it attached a video that shows the arrival of the vessel.


The vessel It is equipped with two boats with capacity to carry up to 40 people and has a system to detect fishing boats to control the amount of people they transport, according to Honduran authorities.

Honduras already has the ship Thank God, patrolmen Damen Stan Patrol Morazán and Lempira and two interceptors.

The boat it will also protect cruises that arrive at sites like Roatan, Trujillo, Ceiba Y Puerto Cortés, and will carry a helicopter to perform air control tasks in coastal areas.

On Twitter, the Minister of Defense, Fredy DiazHe said that the ship “may go to the border with Jamaica, Mexico, Cuba and Colombia to ensure all the wealth that the country has in the Caribbean Sea.”

Maritime shield

The OPV 62M vessel, equipped with highly advanced weapons systems manufactured by experts from Israel, was built by the company Israel Shipyards Ltd, also provider of warships to Azerbaijan and Cyprus.

Israel Shipyards Ltd, with shipyard in Haifa, Israel, carried out the navigation tests of the ship in the middle of this year. The patrol car It joins the maritime shield for the fight against transnational crime and the protection of national coasts.

The boat is model Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) and belongs to the SAAR class missile corvette family, including SAAR 4, SAAR 4.5 and SAAR S-72, used by Israel.

This corvette, equipped with night vision systems, can be used by the Honduran Naval Force in open sea patrols, surveillance operations and terrorism interdiction missions, contraband and other illegal activities.

The vessel reaches a maximum speed of 32 knots (52 kilometers per hour), with cruising speed of 5,000 nautical miles (9,260 kilometers), and is part of the military logistics that Israel will provide Honduras, indicates the cooperation agreement signed in July 2016.

Last September, the president Juan Orlando Hernández supervised the construction of the maritime ship in Israel, as part of the inauguration of a Honduran diplomatic commercial office in Jerusalem.

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