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Joe Biden’s Proposal Rejected, Indonesia’s Step Shocked The World

GenPI.co – UI Professor of International Law Hikmahanto Juwana appreciates Indonesia’s steps in responding to the proposal from the President of the United States Joe Biden.

Previously, Joe Biden proposed Indonesia to issue membership Russia at the G20 summit.

Hikmahanto said that Indonesia had carried out a free and active foreign policy well.

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“Through the Special Staff of Foreign Minister Triansyah Djani, Indonesia has implicitly rejected President Joe Biden’s wish to consider Russia’s membership in the G20,” Hikmahanto said to GenPI.co, Saturday (26/3).

The Chancellor of the University General A Yani said, Indonesia insists on everything G20 memberincluding Russia, were invited to the November summit in Bali.

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According to him, Indonesia’s attitude shows that it does not want to be dictated and even pressured by the US.

“According to the procedures in the G20 and according to existing precedents, all members have the right to be invited,” he said.

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In this context, Hikmahanto said that Indonesia also implied that it had answered Biden’s other proposal which asked that Ukraine should also be presented if Russia was still invited.

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