Joe Biden breaks record: never before got American pres …

Never before has a presidential candidate managed to get so many votes to his name. The counter for Joe Biden has now reached just under 80 million. 79,823,827 to be exact. A record in American history. The gap with incumbent President Donald Trump is only widening. Biden now has 6 million more preferential votes.

Both presidential candidates achieved spectacular scores that are unique in American electoral history. This has to do with the turnout that has not been seen since 1908 in relation to the population. About 65 percent of all voters cast his or her vote.

The number of preferential votes is not decisive to win the presidency. It is the electors, who must bring in the candidates by state, who determine who will be the next president of the US.

Whoever gets the most preferential votes in a certain state immediately takes all the electors of that state. Biden now has 306, Trump 232.

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In the meantime, counting of the votes continues as usual. Donald Trump has still not admitted his loss either. Quite the contrary. The American president is doing everything he can to ignore the election results. But in court he falls flat time and time again.

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