Jisoo raises suspicion of abusing “Iljin group and abuse”… Index side “confirming the facts”

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Actor Jisoo (28, real name Kim Ji-soo) was suspicious of school violence. In this regard, the index side said that it was “confirming the facts.”

On the 2nd, Mr. A, who introduced himself as Jisoo and a middle school alumni, posted an article titled’Actor Jisoo is a school violence perpetrator’ in an online community. In this article, Mr. A claimed that he had suffered school violence from Jisoo and other Iljin groups, and presented his graduation album and graduation certificate as evidence.

Mr. A argued, “Kim Ji-soo was bigger than his peers at the time. From his second year in middle school in 2007, he reigned as school Iljin in earnest and committed all sorts of evil deeds in school.”

In particular, Mr. A said that he was a victim of harassment. “In middle 3, he was bullied, violence, intimidation, insults, insults, etc. In addition, Jisoo said that he also shot BB shots at students other than A.

Mr. A reiterated that the content of the article was something he had experienced in person, and that there were many people who were subjected to more severe school violence. He said, “What I want is neither reward nor apology. I’ve already gone through everything, and I don’t need apology for irreversible things, and I don’t think I’m sincere.” “Live with the title in your heart for the rest of your life,” he said.

When the article was posted, Mr. B, who claimed to be another victim, appeared in the comment. Mr. B claimed that he had been assaulted by Jisoo, and Mr. C also wrote that his younger brother was transferred to school because his younger brother was victimized by him.

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In this regard, an official from Jisoo’s management company, Keyeast, said on News 1 that “we have checked the posted article” and “we are checking the facts at the moment.”

Meanwhile, Jisoo is appearing in KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama’The Moon Rising River’.

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