‘Yalor City’ offense, ‘Phatthalung FC’ won the ‘Young Creator Southern Cup’

‘Yalor City’ offense, ‘Phatthalung FC’ won the ‘Young Creator Southern Cup’

Yalor City FC Haasan Hat Yai, Phatthalung FC 3-1 up the platform, holds the cup, won the title of “Young Creator Southern Cup No. 1” with a prize money of 50,000 baht. On the side, Young Sing United punished Bacho Narathiwat 6-4 to be vice-champion in the final game that ended perfectly with Gen Surachet Chaiwong, chairman of the Senate Sports Commission. Was the president closed on March 2 at the Peat Bat Stadium, Songkhla Province

Football Battle “Young Creator’s Southern Cup No. 1” organized by the Southern Border Education Dream Association, in conjunction with the Sports Authority of Thailand Region 4 and the Online Sports Reporter Association. Run out At the Southern Main City Stadium (Peat Bat), Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province, where on March 2 is the final match in the field

The first pair at 16.00, the home of Yang Sing United meets with Bacho Narathiwat, where the Young Singha Army collected 3 points from a 1-0 win against Phatthalung FC, but lost to Yalor City FC 0-1 yet. Have a chance to win the championship but have to grab 3 points and then go to the double game

Opening the first half, Bacho Narathiwat, with the ball, of course, and only 8 AM, Arafat Yuso, opened the ball from the right, let Ilham Ibraheng tackled the first post to give the team a 1-0 lead, then the second half still Sing United has been throwing hard until 76 p.m., then came to have a goal, equalized from Thaweechai, score 1-1 at the end of the game, still Singing hard until the 89th Moodfir Dow, Dollo managed to strike the team to move 2-1, which Young Sing should have won, but then 90 + 4 is already out of time, Bacho draws a draw from Aramarosul Dure, ending the game with a 2-2 draw.

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Young Sing United scored more accurately than won 4-2, total score 6-4, giving 2 more points, a total of 5 points to win the championship unfortunately.

As for the second game at 6:00 pm, Yalor City FC with 5 points meets Phatthalung FC with 3 points, this pair who wins will win the championship immediately. Yalor City FC opens the game with confidence. Before PM 16 Prawan Taowato, the defender will come up to strike the team 1-0 lead, Yalor more confident, PM 20 Ruzdan Katemadi managed to add a second score for the team. 2-0 away from the second half of the shin “Yawin Yaw” was able to recuperate in 1-2 hours from Suthipong Trithin, but at 74th, Arif Yusoh came to break the door for Ya Lo to escape 3-1 without Phatthalung. What else can you do?

Time out, Yalor City FC from Yala province won 3-1, making 8 points won the championship, and Phatthalung FC had 3 points, only 3rd.

Then the closing ceremony was honored by Gen. Surachet Chaiwong, chairman of the Senate Sports Committee, was chaired, along with Major General Worawut Thongsrigam, the president of organizing the competition, Dr. Juthatingsapat, Sub-Committee of Sports. The Senate, Mr. Phanphob Unseam, Director of the Sports Authority of Thailand Region 4, Mr. Wan Kla Kwankaew, President of the Online Sports Reporters Association, Mr. Sermvit Priawanich, Director of Mathayom Sugai Padi School, Mr. Pipat Sena Pitakkul Secretary General of the Songkhla Sports Association, Mr. Prateep Kaew Prasit Special Events Manager, Haad Thip Public Company Limited and Dr. Kasem Pantasa, Assistant Secretary General of the Songkhla Sports Association Participate in the closing ceremony

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For the winning team, Yalor City FC has won the cup and medal. And the prize money of 50,000 baht, the runner-up is Young Sing United, receiving a medal With 30,000 baht prize money, 3rd place, including Phatthalung FC, receive a medal With a prize of 20,000 baht. 4th place is Bacho Narathiwat. Receive a medal. With a 10,000 baht prize money and a scorer Moody Fir, an eloie star of Young Sing United who scored 3 goals

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