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Jiřina Bohdalová: Zdravotní stav, natáčení a její herecká kariéra

Jiřina Bohdalová, the legendary Czech actress, has ⁤reassured her fans that she is doing well after a recent health scare. In an interview with CNN Prima ⁣News, Bohdalová stated,​ “I’m fine, I’m learning here.‍ It ​was impossible in the heat, even younger people were collapsing. Fortunately, I didn’t. ‍I start filming⁤ on Monday.”

Bohdalová explained that she is currently in the⁢ hospital, where she is receiving excellent care and drawing strength. She is studying her lines and preparing for the shooting of ‌a new film. The actress’s daughter, Simona Stašová,​ recently spoke about Bohdalová’s health issues, which she ⁣battled earlier this year. Bohdalová spent two‌ weeks in the hospital in critical condition due to a ⁤pulmonary embolism. During that time, her grandchildren also helped take care ⁣of her.

Stašová expressed her gratitude to her sons, particularly her older son Marek, for their ⁢support during ‍her mother’s health crisis. Marek slept⁣ in the intensive care unit ​with Bohdalová⁢ and provided her ​with oxygen, which she unintentionally removed. Stašová credited Marek for ⁢her ⁢mother’s recovery.

Bohdalová’s pulmonary ​embolism was ​caused by her⁤ previous‍ health problems. She experienced ‌a painful spinal injury ⁤in November of last year ​and had ​difficulty walking due to a fractured vertebra. She also spent some time in the hospital receiving treatment ⁣for the flu. Additionally, she has been ‍dealing ⁣with chronic obstructive⁢ pulmonary disease for several years.

Jiřina Bohdalová ⁢has⁢ been in front of the camera ⁢since⁤ she was a child. In 1937, she made her debut in​ the silent film “Pižla a⁣ Žižla na ‌cestách.” Throughout⁤ her career, she has appeared in numerous films and TV series. She is a recipient of the‍ Czech Lion​ Awards for her leading roles in the fairy tale⁢ “Nesmrtelná teta” and the film “Fany.” Children recognize her voice from bedtime stories, and her cooking shows ⁢are also popular.

In 2013,​ Bohdalová received the Medal of‍ Merit from President Miloš Zeman. In⁤ 2021, President Zeman awarded her the Order of the White Lion, First Class. Despite her recent health challenges, Bohdalová remains a beloved and respected figure in the Czech ⁢entertainment⁣ industry.

How does ​extreme⁢ heat affect the ⁣health and well-being of individuals, particularly the elderly and younger ⁤people?

He had recently experienced health issues ‌due to the extreme heat but reassured her fans that ⁤she⁣ is‌ now doing well. During an interview with ⁢CNN Prima ⁣News, the legendary Czech actress, Jiřina ​Bohdalová, shared that she is​ fine and learning‌ from the‍ experience. She acknowledged that the heat had made ​it difficult for everyone, even younger people who had collapsed, but ‍she⁤ fortunately managed to avoid⁣ any serious health problems.⁢ Bohdalová then shared her plans to resume filming on ⁤Monday, highlighting her commitment ⁣and dedication to ⁣her‍ craft.

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