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Actress Jennifer Coolidge, known for her role as Stifler’s mother in American Pie, shared with Variety what the popularity of the franchise has brought her. In particular, she admitted that the role in the popular youth comedy provided her with a stormy personal life, writes BGNES.

“Sex life was very intense after American Pie.” This movie brought a lot of bonuses – like, for example, 200 people who I would never have slept with if it wasn’t for this movie,” said the actress.

In the film, the colorful actress plays the mother of one of the main characters, who seduces her son’s friend. After the release of this tape, the term MILF (Mother I’d Like To F * ck) became widely popular.

At the time of filming “American Pie” Jennifer was 38 years old and had a weak filmography. The role of the fatal seductress made her instantly famous and secured her a place in global pop culture, and the image of “Stifler’s mother” became iconic.

Now Jennifer is starring in the musical “Profession Blonde” in London. She plays her character Paulette from the comedy of the same name written in 2001.

Coolidge is also busy filming the second season of the HBO series White Lotus, which will be released in October. About the similarity with her character Tanya, the actress says:

“Men have always been my weakness and like many women I often waste myself on them. I’ve spent a lot of my life chasing unavailable men and it hasn’t led to anything.”

Very little is known about Coolidge’s personal life. In previous interviews, she mentioned that for a long time after the premiere of “American Pie” she only had affairs with younger men. Recently, she only shared that she was happy in her personal life, but did not name her partner.

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