Mariano Diaz Willing to Become a Reserve Only at Madrid for a Big Salary?


Mariano Diaz not intending to leave Real Madrid in this summer. He wants to finish his contract until next year, then start a new adventure.

Diaz, 29, has been part of the Madrid squad for the past four years, to be precise since being brought home from Lyon in 2018. However, he has been sitting on the bench more than playing.

This can be seen from the number of appearances in the Spanish League. Diaz has only dropped 44 times in four years, scoring 6 goals. If Karim Benzema made 12 appearances in the Champions League last season, he has only appeared 10 times in four seasons.



It’s really weird to see a player willing to stick around that long just to be a spare tire. Usually, the option of moving will be pursued to save a career. But not for Diaz.

Reported Brand, he chose to stay at Madrid until his contract expires in June next year. Because he already feels comfortable with the salary he earned while at Madrid.

Diaz is reported to receive a salary of 4.5 million Euros per season or equivalent to Rp. 68 billion, a relatively large amount for a back-up striker. Some may ask why he can get such a big salary, but actually he is not that bad either.

He was brought to Madrid after scoring 21 goals in 45 games for Lyon in the 2017-18 season. He was bought to replace Karim Benzema after Cristiano Ronaldo left. Madrid certainly did not think that Diaz would be this dim.

Diaz is believed to not be paid that much again if he moves from Madrid, given his current performance and age. Therefore, he chose to stay according to his contract. It’s okay to play less often, but get a good salary while you can.

Coach Carlo Ancelotti is also believed to no longer need his services as a number 9. It has been seen since last season, and continued during pre-season yesterday, when Diaz only played for 20 minutes in three games in the United States.

If Benzema is unable to appear, Madrid can still use Eden Hazard, Rodrygo, or Marco Asensio in that position. Diaz will probably only appear in a few games as in the past, that is if Ancelotti wants to give him a chance.

Diaz actually did not behave badly in Madrid. He was only considered not to meet the quality standards required by Ancelotti. Madrid did not seem bothered by his less ambitious nature.


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