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Jaromír Nohavica: A Guest on Všechnoparty with Karel Šíp

25.11.2023 20:29 | Monitoring

Singer Jaromír Nohavica was a guest in the entertaining talk show Všechnoparty with Karel Šíp. He mentioned the hatred of the media, which was directed against him especially last year because of Putin. The host of the show supported him and wished that the fans would continue to show him as much support as they have been up to now.



Description: Jaromír Nohavica in the talk show Všechnoparty

In June, Nohavica celebrated his 70th birthday. To the surprise of moderator Šíp, that he did not particularly notice this fact in the media, he responded that he himself was surprised by it: “On the contrary, I was prepared for the fact that in June in some magazines on the Czech media scene, a caricature would appear on the first pages, photos, stars, crosses, graves, ‘Nohavica is 70, may he no longer be here’. But calm down..” the singer paused in the program Happy birthday.

When asked how it was possible that there was such calm around his person, he then pointed out to the media: “Are they afraid, or what?” joked Nohavica. And he mentioned that he doesn’t like being in the public eye otherwise.

Czech mainstream media paid a lot of attention to Nohavic in connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. She lambasted him for receiving an award for cultural merit from Vladimir Putin in 2018. Several of his concerts were also canceled because he “didn’t sufficiently distance himself” from the Putin regime.

Nevertheless, for example, the concert in Ostrava-Porub, which took place last March, was sold out within fifteen minutes. Even with this great interest, the fans showed the singer that he has their support. In the last year, Nohavica has sung quite a few songs in which foreign and domestic political events are glossed over.

According to him, people like his songs because they tell a story. “To put it so pathetically, I am the narrator of my life and our lives. Narrator of what happened. And because it’s versed, because it has a melody, it’s like I’m sitting by the fire and people are listening to my stories,” he said with a satisfied smile.

The moderator wished Nohavic that his fans would remain loyal to him as they have been until now. “You know what I’m talking about, and we all wish you the best,” said Karel Šíp, and Nohavica received applause from the entire audience.

Now Nohavica is looking forward to concerts in the run-up to Christmas. “At home, I will drive around the cities around Ostrava,” said the singer-songwriter at the end.

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2023-11-25 18:11:00
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