Jaime Vargas would have been expelled from Guatemala and complained because he was not treated as ‘second president’ of Ecuador | Politics | News

Jaime Vargas, president of the National Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador (Conaie), was expelled last Saturday from Guatemala, where he attended to participate the day before of an assembly with representatives of peoples from other countries in the region.

According to an interview that Vargas would have offered, and that was disseminated on social networks, intelligence personnel of the Guatemalan Police would have followed him and his Ecuadorian companions, María Lozano Quizhpe and Apawki Castro Vaca, who were also expelled.

Vargas questioned that they have been treated as suspects and not as ‘authority’ of Ecuador. “We are not any Ecuadorian citizen, or migrant say, we are authority, I am president of the indigenous movement of Ecuador, there we say the second president of the country …”.

For the Guatemalan authorities, he published the TN23 portal of that country, Vargas, Lozano and Castro would have been encouraging the spirits and doing political work. “We are not going to allow any foreign person to come to ease the spirits of our people. They were wanted in their country. The Ecuadorian authorities asked us to return them, because they have pending causes and we proceeded to do so, ”said Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei, according to TN23.

Through a statement, Conaie rejected Vargas and his companions being expelled from Guatemala. The organization indicated that once intercepted, the Guatemalan Police verified the immigration status of the leaders and closed the procedure. (I)

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