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Jágro’s girlfriend Dominika Branišová openly about falling to the bottom: I just slept and ate unhealthy for 5 days, the model admitted

The girlfriend of the famous Czech hockey player Jaromír Jágr (50) was very honest with the fans. Dominika Branišová (27) openly admitted to a mental breakdown, which happens to her about twice a year.

She could not go to work or pick up the phone

Mental health can be very fragile, as many famous faces have already confirmed. Most recently, Jaromír Jágr’s girlfriend Dominika, who had to completely cut herself off from life for 5 days, also admitted to a collapse. “On Tuesday, I didn’t go to work, I didn’t reply to emails, I set my phone to flight mode, I didn’t respond to Whatsapp messages and I canceled all plans until the end of the week. For 5 days I just slept, ate junk food and watched random videos on Facebook,” model Dominika Branišová confided to fans on Instagram.

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Jaromír Jágr and Dominika Branišová

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The reason she couldn’t function normally was a mental breakdown, which wasn’t her first. According to her own words, a similar condition repeats itself once or twice a year. “You know those days when you don’t feel well physically or mentally. No decisions make sense and you don’t know which path to take in life? You would prefer to bury yourself somewhere really deep so that no one can find you. That’s exactly what happened to me last week,” continued Dominika.

Today she is full of energy again

Dominika has already successfully put her difficult days behind her. She realized that she had work duties that she couldn’t put off any longer and that it was beautiful outside, so she didn’t want to waste her days at home in bed. She practiced yoga, had a healthy dinner and is feeling better. “Today I finally feel full of energy and zest for life. Fortunately, I only have this condition once, twice a year at the most. But I know there are people who struggle with it much more often, but are afraid to talk about it.

So that they are not for weaklings, so that people do not laugh at them, or even claim that they are making things up and that they are different. When you start talking about this problem, you might be surprised how many people around you are in the same situation,” Dominika concluded by encouraging all fans who might be experiencing something similar to her in life:

She found happiness alongside Jaromir Jágr

Dominika is currently shining next to her older friend – the famous hockey player Jaromír Jágr, and it suits the couple very well. Jaromír became younger with her and is very happy with his love. They enjoy each other, travel a lot and are proud of their beautiful photos on Instagram. For example, they recently visited sunny Italy. The fans keep their fingers crossed for them, and not so long ago, Dominika even surprised them in a wedding dress:


Beautiful bride! Jagr’s girlfriend caused a stir

She is not the only one who has experienced difficult times due to mental health

Many famous faces are speaking openly about mental health problems to help break the stigma in society. Mental health cannot be taboo and there is no shame in seeking help. Right before Dominika, Kristína Mohrová, who was a couple with Sam Tomečka for 7 years, also spoke about this topic. Photos of them together began to appear on the Internet, and people condemned her without hesitation. Kristina admitted that she eventually ended up on antidepressants and that this period is still not easy to talk about.

What did people write to her in the comments and what would she recommend to women facing similar pressure on social networks? The following famous faces also admitted to mental problems:



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