Ivita has found a new lover – Show business after the picnic show

“I was very sorry to leave the people who had become close friends in such a short time. But the show is a show, I have to live on,” Ivita admits.

The most memorable were the wild parties in campers and petrol stations with Elīna, Megija, Dāvids, Ronalda and Normunds, with whom Ivita had the best contact. She doesn’t mind that the company called her a “mom”: “I liked her. . “

However, Ivita admitted that she had not found love on a trip with campers – she did not have a romantic relationship with the initially chosen Ronald or any of the guys.

“Ronald and I didn’t have that romantic click at any point. We didn’t get any of the couple’s tasks. At the end, when we had already raised this issue, we realized that communication was very good for us, but we wouldn’t be a couple.

After “Love in a Camper” I started meeting a guy who is not from Latvia.

We met at a party and since then we have been traveling to each other – then we will see what will come of it. I can whisper that he is a pilot! I’m very happy, “laughs the beauty.

The 30-year-old lady discovered that she sees a man next to her who, first of all, is at least 1.90 m tall. Secondly, the stronger sex must be older, because the men themselves are, in her opinion, too big wind rakes. Third, Ivita is able to imagine living together only with a man who is very responsible, brave and ready to defend his beloved. Finally, the man of dreams must have a great sense of humor.



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