Apple’s 5 Most Ridiculously Expensive Accessories

Of course, Apple regularly brings beautiful devices to the market. However, sometimes the brand goes a little overboard with some products. We list those special things.

The new Macbook Pro looks fine and we can’t say anything about the iPhone 13 either. Still, there are occasional Apple products that surprise us. Then it is often not about the product itself, but rather the price tag attached to it. In this list we share a number of products that we think can be much cheaper.

Apple’s Screen Cloth

We will of course start this list with the special 25 euro cloth. Well, special? That’s the problem right. It’s special to 25 euros to ask for a cloth to clean your screen. A piece of cloth that does nothing more or better than an ordinary cloth that you can get in the store for less than a euro. So it seems to be a very smart move for Apple, since it’s already sold out in the United States and here too the delivery time is quite long. Making money has never been easier for the company.

apple cloth
A cloth with a special gift. (Image: Apple)

Mac Pro wheels

Apple came up with something fun for owners of a Mac Pro: wheels. Since the Pro naturally had a huge price tag, Apple also thought it could ask a considerable amount for accessories. It asks for 4 wheels an amount of 849 euro. And no, these aren’t even gold or diamond-encrusted. In fact, you could not even skateboarding. You can get cheaper elsewhere score wheels.

Prefer to put the Mac Pro on legs? Then you are much cheaper! But 349 euro asking for a few pieces of iron is still bizarre.

Mac Pro wheels
Click/tap for larger (Image: Apple)

Apple Pro Stand

Well an Apple Pro Display XDR is of course quite pricey itself (from 5,499 euros). Do you want to put it on a stand? Then you are – don’t be scared – 1.099 euro extra lost. And no matter how good that screen may be, more than 1,000 euros for a piece of iron with a magnet to which you can attach the screen, seems a bit too much of a good thing to us. Like the previous gadgets, this one is not made of gold or platinum. You can also tilt your screen with the holder, wow!

Apple Pro Stand
That will be 1,099 euros please! (Image: Apple)

Bands for the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a great smartwatch with many features. The nice thing about the gadget is that you can adjust it yourself to your style. There is also a choice of many different straps made of both silicone and other materials. There are beautiful to get in the Apple Store, only we think the price is a bit excessive for what you get. That you ask 49 euros for a rubber band is already quite special, but wanting 99 euros for a braided band is a bit exaggerated. Especially when you consider that you can score the same kind of strap on an Ali Express for 1,36 euro. So quite a difference.

Apple Watch with woven strap. (Image: Apple)

(Leather) covers

We can of course put all kinds of covers here that we think can be quite a bit cheaper, but the leather cover for the MacBook Air is perhaps the pinnacle. It is a fairly simple shape and leather is of course an expensive material, but 199 euro? That can certainly be cheaper. But we should also not draw too many conclusions. Perhaps it belongs to a very rare llama that only occurs at the highest point of the Andes?

Macbook Air hoes Apple
Do you pay 199 euros for this? (Image: Apple)

One cleaning cloth for 25 euros… :sneezing_face: I’m silent about that. Who dares to ask that for a cleaning cloth?? And just as special…, who the hell pays for that?? And who of those people dares to openly say so? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I find those wheels for one of the most expensive computers they’ve ever made less of a problem. Although I wonder if it can be justified on the basis of material and production costs. But yes, if you pay 8 to more than 60 thousand for a computer then you probably won’t have a problem with paying a few 100 euros for it.

What one finds ridiculous may be normal for another. Personally, I find the 3rd editorial about a polishing cloth rather ridiculous. What great news stories at a high level are being made.

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Apple’s 5 Most Ridiculously Expensive Accessories


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