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It’s just amazing, these are 5 facts about ‘Florona’, which is called a combination of influenza and corona

AKURAT.CO, Not to mention the spread of the Omicron variant, the world’s citizens have been surprised by other things related to Covid-19. It is ‘Florona’, a new disease that has recently been widely reported because it is touted as a dual infection of influenza and Covid-19.

The first case of Florona was detected in Israel last week, with the patient being a pregnant woman. Then what exactly is Florona? Is this the Covid-19 variant? And what are the symptoms?

Reported from various sources, AKURAT.CO on Wednesday (5/1) summarized 5 facts about Florona, a disease called a combination of influenza and Covid-19.

1. Not a variant of Covid-19


Various media have emphasized that basically Florona’s disease is a double infection of Covid-19 and influenza. According to reports, the disease is believed to be the result of a flu and coronavirus infection occurring at the same time.

However, like the case of ‘Delmicron’ which also caused an uproar, Florona is not a variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It is worth recalling that in order to name the variants of Covid-19, the World Organization (WHO) has decided to use the Greek letters in alphabetical order. So, if there was a variant of the new coronavirus, it would be the alphabet following ‘Omicron’ – i.e., pi, rho, sigma, and so on.

2. Patients affected by Florona have not been vaccinated

It's just amazing, these are 5 facts about Florona, which are called a combination of influenza and corona diseases - Photo 2

As per the report of the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, the woman who is believed to be infected with Florona has the status of ‘unvaccinated’, for both Covid-19 and influenza. As revealed by Firstpost, the first Florona case emerged after being reported by the Arab News outlet on December 31, last week. According to the report, the patient was a young woman who was admitted to Rabin Medical Center in the city of Petah Tikva to give birth.

Despite having multiple infections, according to the hospital, the young mother feels healthy and has only mild symptoms.

“Immediately after arriving (at the hospital), the patient was diagnosed with flu and coronavirus. Both tests came back positive, even after we checked them again. The viruses are breath-taking because they both attack the upper respiratory tract.

“Last year, we didn’t see cases of flu among pregnant women or giving birth. Today, we see cases of coronavirus and flu that are starting to get annoying. We’re seeing more and more pregnant women getting flu,” said Professor Arnon Vizhnitser, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology. obstetrics and gynecology department director at the hospital, as quoted from Firstpost to The News Minute.

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