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It turns out how the “princes from Dubai” ended up in Kazakhstan

news-id-117888" style="display:inline;">“Sheikhs flew to Kazakhstan on vacation”, “Arab princes in Kazakhstan” – videos with such comments are being distributed online, Tengritravel.kz reports.

Ski resorts Oi-Qaragai and Shymbulak, a trip to Lake Kolsai, archery, Saki baths and restaurants with national cuisine – this was the program of Arab travel bloggers in Kazakhstan.

Publications by influencers from the UAE aroused great interest among Kazakhstanis, who began to wonder whether these were really princes.

“Since when did bloggers become princes”, “What does prince mean? Princes of what?”, “I don’t know if they’re princes or not, but they look noble”, “Super! Let them like everything”, “Oh, I wish they’d come here in the summer, when everyone green and warm,” the Kazakh people write in the comments.

Videos with amazing landscapes and fun leisure activities attracted the attention of not only Kazakhstanis, but also users from other countries of the world, who left thousands of enthusiastic comments under the authors’ publications.

We contacted Kazakh Al-Fatih, who invited Arab bloggers to Kazakhstan, to learn more about their journey.

“In fact, our guests are leading marketers in Dubai, and cooperate with the UAE government. They have been in the media for more than 15 years, and over the years, social network users began to call them princes. I invited them to Kazakhstan as part of our cooperation. It was not easy, but since “I myself have a connection to the Arab world and know the Arabic language, they agreed. I also organized the entire trip with my partners, no government agency or ministry has anything to do with their arrival,” he said.

Al-Fatih also noted that his guests are influential brothers-influencers in the UAE, and, thanks to their arrival, Kazakhstan became known a little more all over the world.

“They are top influencers in the Middle East and have many fans around the world, the 4 brothers have a combined viewership of over 1 billion and their visit to Kazakhstan has increased its visibility as a tourist destination. Thus, in the future I can attract foreign investment in Kazakhstan for development of tourism in the country,” he concluded.

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