“It is love” … a moving farewell message from Shahira to her husband, Mahmoud Yassin

Last updated: Sunday 1 Rabi` al-Awwal 1442 AH – October 18, 2020 KSA 16:09 – GMT 13:09
Publication date: Sunday 1 Rabi` al-Awwal 1442 AH – October 18, 2020 KSA 15:46 – GMT 12:46

Source: Cairo – Ahmed Al-Ridi

5 days have passed since the departure of the Egyptian artist Mahmoud Yassin, who He passed away in the early hours of last Wednesday morning at the age of 79 After suffering a health crisis in recent weeks.

Yassin’s departure coincided with the passage of 50 years of his marriage to his companion, the famous artist, who brought her late husband a love story that did not end, and lasted for many years, unlike the prevailing in the artistic community.

Mahmoud Yassin and famous

Mahmoud Yassin and famous Mahmoud Yassin and famous

Perhaps separating her husband was very difficult for her, which was evident in the funeral ceremony, where she collapsed and started crying as she said goodbye to him, only to return days later and say goodbye to him with an impressive message.

“My beloved, my beloved, my soul … and the life that has gone away” .. With these words, she famously began her conversation about her husband, and continued, saying, “You were mine and you were mine, and I had no matter what life’s worries and difficulties did to you, because I am the overwhelming part.”

She recalled the difficult days that she had gone through in recent years, saying, “And when I was tired in the past years, I was yours, I was yours, and I was yours .. This is neither a favor nor a duty, but it is love.”

She indicated that love was for the heart of a person exceptional in everything, in his art, in his talent and in his stardom that fascinates the hearts, as it was exceptional in his paternity, humility and tenderness, as well as in his unlimited giving.

Shahira explained that Mahmoud Yassin taught her a matter that is heavy on the hearts of some people, which is the “culture of apology”, where she apologizes when she makes a mistake because the apology is strength and dignity and not the other way around. And when she was wrong and apologized, he would reply, saying, “Pardon, pardon.”

“What will we say or what?” … This is how Shahira confused about Yassin, stressing that the funeral prayer, which hundreds attended, despite the circumstances of the Corona virus, is evidence of God’s love for her late husband, and concluded her message by saying, “Lord, spirit and basil.”


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