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Al-Marsad newspaper: A Saudi political analyst has revealed that the Ukrainian people will freeze and Volodymyr Zelensky will be replaced if he continues not to care about the life of his people.

The Saudi analyst pointed out that the developments in Ukraine are almost catastrophic, indicating: “The Ukrainian government does not care about total destruction, and I have not seen in my life a government that does not care about what is happening to its people, just because I see that the Ukrainian government puts an entire people at risk and will freeze, especially after the destruction of most of the infrastructure”.

And he continued: “All they said was that Russia is getting weaker, the stronger it gets, and now it will deny them nuclear fuel, and all of Europe, and it will freeze and eat earth,” adding: “These supporters of homosexuality that put us to the test at the World Cup”.

And he added: “Germany is the leader of homosexuality, and France, Great Britain and America mean that they corrupt the world against their will”, explaining: “A nation cannot win with this thought, because they contradict human nature with their thinking, therefore it is impossible for God to help them”.

He stressed: “Russia, everything that came to its attacks, is getting stronger, more violent and concentrated, but Ukraine is likely to freeze most of the Ukrainian lands and people will die from the cold with l ‘arrival of winter and its strength in Europe, which lives on nuclear fuel and cannot resist the catastrophic cold”.

And he continued: “The commander of the Ukrainian army began to advertise him as Zelensky’s successor, because he doesn’t care about the people of Ukraine, who have reached one stage.”

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