“It is important for Ukrainians to regain control of Kherson,” says Janis Slaidiņš.

The 108 tactical battle groups that are not fully stuck on the Donbass Front. The Russians have 7-8 new battalion battle groups that have not yet been involved in battles in Lisichansk, fully equipped with snipers, tanks, self-propelled shooters, etc., which can react much faster.

NATO agreed to amend their battle plans by giving up a model that would mean a resignation in the event of a Russian invasion in the Baltics

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In the direction of Bahmouth, the Ukrainians managed to hit the attacks, including in the direction of Slovyansk, the front flanges.
Russia is currently accusing the reserves from the Donetsk district Avdijivka – Marinkas to Lisichansk.
In the southeast, artillery firing on both sides continues.

The Russians are looking for the most advantageous tactical positions north of Kharkiv, Ukrainians can hold Russian units there. Fire support is received from the territory of Russia, which must be reckoned with the defenders of the Ukrainian state.


The Russians have succeeded in providing good supply lines by rail, which exports the technique shot and brings the necessary caramations.
On June 28, the Ukrainians entered the Kherson area and broke at a depth of about 10 km in the Russian defense lines. There are only 20 kilometers left until Kherson, which is not too much after the rules of the modern war.

Yesterday, Russian aviation heavily bombed the Ukrainian trenches.
For Ukrainians, it is very important to regain control of Kherson, as it is a land corridor to the occupied Crimea.

In Belarus there is a Russian missile troops with Iskander, as well as the Air Force. Ukrainian intelligence has found that the Russians are reinforcing their forces in Breus, the mobilization has been triggered, the training of special forces will continue until July 16, the threat is taken seriously, so the Ukrainians begin to harden the border where the terrain is very difficult – with forests and swamps. Belarusians have 45-48 thousand soldiers, they can call up to 80000 in the 1st phase.


In the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, men catch men on the streets as the second wave of forced mobilization began.

Russia is actively trying to recruit, blackmail residents in the occupied areas as spies and then sent to Ukraine, a 74-year-old agent-an artillery coordinator yesterday.


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