Latvian hip-hop heavyweights issue a joint video message

Inviting this Saturday, July 2, to a concert in Grobiņa castle ruins, the old master of Latvian hip-hop Ozols released the so-called cypher, in which he was joined by his associate Kurts and representatives of the new rap school SourJ and YAM.

Saifer is one of the basic elements of rap, in which several participants count their written lines one after the other.

It can be in a single theme or in the form of free expression of anything else. The rappers included in this cypher of Latvian hip-hop musicians will be on the same stage with Ozola at a concert in Grobinė already this weekend. “Each of the members of “cypher” is different, therefore, as you can already hear in the cypher we created together, the concert will also be diverse – full of different moods and thematic messages. Every listener will definitely be able to hear something close and pleasant to them, ”says Ozols. It should be noted that Prusax will also take part in Grbina’s concert, and the audience will have the opportunity to hear the most current songs of the performers.

“In the common cipher, the artists allowed themselves to depart from a specific theme and expressed themselves across the ocean in the so popular, energetically saturated Detroit style, which is characterized by sharp, apt wordplay, but not always – rhythmic performance. Oak and colleagues cypher the author of the music is Xantikvariāts, a rapper and beatmaker well-known to hip-hop listeners,” informs the Ozola camp.

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