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controversy due to the initiative of the administration of Cinisello Balsamo, in the Milanese area, to title for three months – in collaboration with Spotify – a square to the trapper Gionata Boschetti, aka Sfera Ebbasta. As you all know – said the mayor Giacomo Giovanni Ghilardi during the inauguration ceremony – our city has seen the growth of one of the most important Italian and international artists. Despite his young age, he has achieved a number of extremely important milestones throughout his career and garnered millions of plays on the Spotify music streaming platform. Important milestones which, combined with a civic and social commitment towards young people and our city, we at Cinisello Balsamo could not fail to recognize and reward. A double recognition given that one of the songs that anticipated the release of the album is already at the top of the Spotify chart.

The controversy

The news of the temporary naming of the square, however, was like pouring salt on the never healed wounds of some family members of the victims of the tragedy of the Blue Lantern, the nightclub in Corinaldo (Ancona) where on the night between 7 and 8 December 2018 , before the singer’s arrival, all hell broke loose. After some sprinkled pepper spray in the room, the general stampede that caused the death of 14-year-old Emma Fabini; the fifteen-year-old Benedetta Vitali, Asia Nasoni, Mattia Orlandi and Eleonora Girolimini; of sixteen year old Daniele Pongetti and Eleonora Girolimini, 39, mother of four children, including an eleven year old who had accompanied the concert and who was saved. Without considering the other 59 more or less seriously injured.

The replica

Emma’s father, the youngest victim, is embittered: sad to live in a country where such an important center on the outskirts of Milan does not have an artist, a patriot, a scientist to whom to dedicate the most illustrious squares of this young trapper, whose career started not so many years ago. Fazio Fabini, despite the immense pain, has a clear position with respect to the story. I from Sfera Ebbasta do not share anything, neither the lyrics of the songs, nor the attitudes, nor the way of dressing – he explains on the phone – and I hope that civil society thinks like me about the opportunity to name a square after him. It does not seem educational to me compared to citizens who have given prestige to Italy in the world. I say that beyond the fact that my daughter lost her life in that damn nightclub. You think she wasn’t even a fan of hers but she was there just because there was a high school party. Indeed the Courier service it gives me the opportunity to clarify a point. Which? It makes me angry when the media focus the headlights of this tragedy on this singer, on his character and on the boys who follow him because even in my time my parents looked badly at those who listened to the Rolling Stones – he continues – and I would not like to feed a fight stupid generational that distances from the truth of that night where the trapper did not even reach the club. In my daughter’s tragedy, the spotlights must be focused on the truths that are emerging in the investigations and trials that have been held and which, we hope soon, will open up.

The inquiries

The lines of investigation, in fact, are different. Meanwhile, last July 30, with the shortened procedure, the sentences arrived, between 10 and 12 years, for the so-called spray gang. Sentences that for the families of the victims were light. Now they await the steps of the prosecutor who must decide whether to ask for the trial for 18 suspects and a company regarding the responsibility on the side of the security of the premises and on the issue of certain authorizations.

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