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Doctors in Germany Allegedly Killed Critical COVID-19 Patients in Hospital, This is the Chronology

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A 44 year old doctor’s alleged murder case COVID-19 patients recently been in the spotlight. It was said that there were two Corona patients who he deliberately killed.

German police are opening an investigation into a senior doctor in the city of Essen, Germany. The doctor is suspected of deliberately giving a lethal injection to a Corona patient who is in a critical condition.

The two patients who were allegedly killed receiving the injections were men aged 47 and 50. This was revealed by the Essen police.

“The doctor (44) who has worked at the University Hospital in Essen since February, is suspected of murdering two men, aged 47 and 50, who were in intensive care with a very severe case of illness,” Essen police said on Friday. from Reuters.

Police said the doctor who was arrested Wednesday this week admitted to having committed one of the murders. The motive is said to be deliberately allowing COVID-19 patients and their families to suffer more.

However, local local media, Bild, reported that doctors had notified the patient’s family before killing them with lethal injection. The rules regarding sick patients asking for help to end their life do apply in Germany, but in this case it remains unclear whether this is the case.

Until now, the investigation is still ongoing but the doctor has been suspended by the Essen Hospital. Essen, one of the cities in Germany, is the city worst hit by the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany.

There have been 166 cases diagnosed per 100,000 population over the past week, well above the government’s target of reducing COVID-19 cases to as many as 50 people.

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