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It is one of the most pronounced effects of the passage of time in vehicles, even among those best cared for by their drivers. The lighthouses are covered by a ‘mist’ that at first it seems simply a small fog, but little by little it leaves the optical group more and more opaque, thus subtracting its effectiveness, either halogen, xenon or led.

The passing of the years and especially the Sun exposure, It causes this effect in the optical groups of the cars, especially in the front but also in the rear so that if you do not want to see how your visibility in night driving decreases and above all, you do not want to play a Unfavorable ITV, Take note of the steps that we detail below, those of how to polish the headlights of your car. Also, it was never as cheap as now, with online offers as interesting as this one that we have found on Amazon.

KITAUTOS KF75MM Headlight Polishing Kit, made of plastic


16,84 €

How to polish your car headlights

  • Detects wear: Sometimes the deterioration is noticeable at first glance, other times not so much. Make sure that the headlights have not begun to take on a yellowish or whitish color, run your finger through the headlight and if you detect scratches or irregularities in it, it is time to polish it.
  • Buy the necessary kit to polish them: It consists of a series of sandpaper, wool discs that can be attached to any drill, liquid silicone polishing, a rag and bodybuilder tape to cover the entire surface surrounding the headlight.
  • Proceed to polish them: For this you just have to clean the headlight well with soap and water at first, protect the surface around it with the bodybuilder tape, sand the headlight to remove all its impurities, wash it again but this time only with water and dry well afterwards, go to the final polishing of the headlight. Afterwards, you can do a last cleaning with a wool disc to clean it completely, remove the tape and give it a last pass with the cloth. You will have it perfect.

    Alternatives yes, but less interesting

    Of course, there are other options you have to regain the brightness of your car headlights, but you are not going to like them as much. The first is to replace it with a new one, something that depending on the car you have, can range between 200 and 600 euros. More economical you will get a scrapping, but you run the risk that its wear is already high and the investment will not drop below 70 euros.

    In a workshop you can polish them for a price that will range between 40 and 100 euros each (depending on the process they carry out) and the only thing that is cheaper than polishing them yourself – as we propose in this article – is the famous toothpaste! Yes, the one of a lifetime. The trick works, though only partially because the polish finish is second to none so you decide.

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