What did you do with your old iPhone power adapter?


Can there be smoke without fire? For the past few weeks, rumors from of all the edges assure that Apple will remove from the packaging of its future iPhone, not only the EarPods, but also the AC adapter. Until recently, it was the rather reliable leaker L0vetodream which, ” in his dreams », saw a new finer packaging and ” delightful ».

Obviously, the days are numbered for these two accessories that Apple intends to offer only as an option. After all, there are millions of them taking dust in the drawers: a real environmental mess! But at the same time, when you buy a device more than 1,000 euros, you can legitimately expect that these accessories will be provided in the box … We will see how the manufacturer will present things this fall (with perhaps an offer special on AirPods?).

Apple does circulate a survey currently with buyers who have recently renewed their iPhone: what have they done with their old power adapter? This is the question that we propose to answer today. Maybe the manufacturer is finally right to remove these accessories: in May, you told us 53% that the earphones supplied with the iPhone remained in a drawer…

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