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Israeli Prime Minister Threatens Hezbollah: Turning Beirut and Southern Lebanon into Gaza

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Prime Minister Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu threaten Hizbullah not to join in the attack. The threat was made after the Israeli military revealed that one of their civilians had been killed by anti-tank fire from Lebanon.

Netanyahu, as reported Al Jazeerastated that he did not hesitate to change Beirut in the same way as Gaza when he continued to try to expand the scope of the war between Israel and Hamas.



“If Hezbollah chooses to start a global war, then they will turn Beirut and southern Lebanon, which is not far from here, into Gaza and Khan Younis with their own hands,” said Benjamin Netanyahu, Thursday (7/12).

Netanyahu was referring to Palestinian areas that suffered heavy damage due to their military aggression. This was conveyed in the middle of a visit to the northern region of Israel.

The Israeli army later revealed they had “attacked the source of the attack [dari Lebanon] using helicopter gunships, tanks, and artillery fire.”

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Some time ago, Hezbollah claimed to have carried out an attack in the al-Jardah area in Israel. It was unclear whether it was an attack that Israel blamed for civilian casualties.

Firefights between the Lebanese Hezbollah group and the Israeli military have increased since the failure of a ceasefire last week and the resumption of hostilities in Gaza.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday (5/12), a Lebanese soldier was killed by Israeli fire at a military post near the border.

The death marks the first case since the escalation of conflict along the border due to the outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas.

The Israeli army said it was sorry for the incident. This rarely expressed regret was expressed in posts on X or Twitter that it was trying to “eliminate” the threat of Hezbollah and that the Lebanese army was “not the target of attacks.”

By AFP’s count, more than 110 people have been killed on the Lebanese side of the border since October, most of them Hezbollah fighters and more than a dozen civilians.

Meanwhile, Israel said six of its soldiers and three Israeli civilians were killed in the area.


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