Israel Steals Iran Nuclear Program Archives in Operation Mossad


TEHERAN – A senior official Iran admit Israel stole the archives of Iran’s nuclear program in the 2018 Mossad operation.

The confession of the Iranian official was reported by an Israeli newspaper, The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s adviser, Momeen Rezaei, told Iran’s Mehr News Agency on Wednesday that Iran needed major changes to its security.

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“The country has been hit by many security breaches, for example in less than a year, three security incidents have occurred, namely two explosions and one murder,” said Rezaei.

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He added, “Prior to this, documents from our entire nuclear archive were stolen, and before that, some suspicious drones came and did some work.”

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When the Mossad smuggled nuclear files from Iran in 2018, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented alleged evidence that Iran aimed to develop nuclear weapons. Iran denies this.

Iranian nuclear negotiator Abbas Araghchi called Netanyahu’s claim at the time, “A very childish and even ridiculous game.”

Mohammad Marandi, one of Iran’s negotiators on the 2015 nuclear deal, said Israel had “fabricated evidence”.

Rezaei said this week’s attack on Natanz was a bad thing in terms of prestige. “They did it to break our resistance in diplomacy,” he said.




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