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Is there something going on between Sarah Lombardi and Joti Polizoakis?

Updated January 1, 2020, 9:25 a.m.

Sarah Lombardi and figure skater Joti Polizoakis won the crown in the Sat.1 show “Dancing on Ice” in 2019. Even then, the rumor mill was bubbling over a possible romance between the two. Now they flew on vacation with Lombardi’s son Alessio on New Year’s Eve.

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Sparks it between pop singer Sarah Lombardi and figure skater Joti Polizoakis? In September the “Dancing on ice“Winner about her dance partner to “picture”: “No, we are really good friends. Joti and I have a very special connection. I would say: We have a peasant love! No need to worry because of us.”

More than friendship?

But as it now turned out, the two flew together over New Year’s Eve Lombardi Son Alessio on vacation. Lombardi garnished her Instagram story about the trip with allusions: “I just love him”, for example, was in a slide that has since disappeared and on which Polizoakis is cleaning the table at the seat on the plane.

However, the sentence continues: “If we are not blood relatives, then I don’t know either.” That doesn’t exactly sound romantic, but the commentary shouldn’t prevent speculation.

Speculation continues

Lombardi’s comment on her latest Instagram photo doesn’t crackle either. “Friends are angels who can help us get back on our feet when our wings have forgotten how to fly!” She writes under a picture that shows her and Polizoakis on the beach.

Under the post, however, there is still speculation about a possible relationship between the two. (Elm / TAE)
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