Four Hills Tournament: This is how Karl Geiger can win the tour

Second place is slowly becoming his favorite result!

Karl Geiger (26) also flies to second place in the New Year’s competition on the Four Hills Tournament in Garmisch-Partenkirchen – as before in Oberstdorf. He is still second in the overall standings.

BILD appoints him KARL, the SUPER SECOND.

After his jumps at 132 and 141.5 meters, Geiger says: “Today was really amazing, I am very happy. I could get used to being on the podium, an extremely nice feeling. ”

More beautiful: With his next ski jumping coup, Geiger reduced the gap to the overall leader Ryoyu Kobayashi (23) before the last two competitions in Innsbruck (Saturday) and Bischofshofen (Monday) by 2.9 to 6.3 points. The distance is minimal, only the equivalent of 3.5 meters.

Kobayashi (still) cool: “It doesn’t make me nervous at all.”

Is the overall victory for Geiger still in there? Will the Super Second even become the Giant First?

Yes, possible. Our ski eagle has shown that it is possible to catch up three points per jump. In addition, the biggest chase in the history of the tour encourages: In 1957/58 the former GDR jumper Helmut Recknagel (82) was 25 (!) Points behind after a fall in Garmisch. In the two following competitions he still won his first of three titles.

What does Geiger say about his chances of winning?

“I risked a look at the golden eagle (the winning trophy – the red.). Looks beautiful. But it still means: look, don’t touch. I try not to think about the overall victory. That is the great danger of being distracted. “

National coach Stefan Horngacher: “Karl shows what he can do. He can handle every hill, even in Innsbruck. He foxes into every hill so it works. ”

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