Iranian Support for Attacks on USS Carney and Merchant Ships: Pentagon Statement

The Pentagon says it has every reason to believe that the attacks on the destroyer USS Carney and several merchant ships were made possible by Iranian support, even though it was the Houthis in Yemen who carried them out.

The US Department of Defense states that the USS Carney shot down three drones during the day. At least one of them was launched from Houthi-controlled territory.

The Pentagon initially stated that it was uncertain who was behind the attack, but an official said that the attack, which originated in Sana’a in Yemen, began at 10 a.m. on Sunday and lasted five hours.

No deaths reported

Later on Sunday, the Houthis reported that their navy attacked two Israeli vessels – one with a missile and the other with a drone.

A spokesman for the Israeli military, Daniel Hagari, says that neither of the two ships has any connection to Israel. He says that one of the ships was damaged and is in danger of sinking.

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Bernhard Schulte in the shipping company that owns one of the ships, the Panama-registered container ship Number 9, says that there are no injuries, and that there are no emissions from the ship after it was hit by a rocket.

– It is now continuing its journey in the Red Sea.

The British military says a British-owned Bahamas-registered cargo ship, the Unity Explorer, which was transiting the Red Sea off the coast of Yemen, was hit by a missile.

Trying to target Israel

The situation in the Red Sea has become more tense and uncertain after the war between Hamas and Israel broke out on 7 October.

The Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen have launched a series of attacks on vessels in the Red Sea, as well as firing drones and rockets at Israel.

Earlier in November, the Houthis hijacked a car transporter at Hodeida in the Red Sea, which had ownership links to Israel.

Last week, a missile landed near a US Navy vessel assisting another merchant ship that had been briefly hijacked by gunmen.

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