He killed 77 people nine years ago, now Norwegian terrorist Breivik is asking for parole World

Oslo Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in the 2011 assassinations, called for parole. The Norwegian daily Verdens Gang reported today, referring to its lawyer. In 2012, the court sent Breivik to prison for 21 years with the possibility of life extension.


The 41-year-old right-wing extremist, who is being held in a high-security prison in solitary confinement, also complains of isolation in a cell and intends to sue the state again for prison conditions, said his lawyer, Öystein Storrvik.

“I also sent his request for parole,” Storrvik told Verdens Gang. “He has the right to judicial review after the expiration of the minimum length of the sentence served before the possibility of parole, which in this case is ten years,” the lawyer added. The deadline expires in July 2021.

A model of the memorial to the victims of the Anders Breivik massacre from the workshop of Jonas Dahlberg.

On July 22, 2011, Breivik detonated a bomb in Oslo’s government district, killing eight people. Shortly afterwards, he shot dead 69 members of a social democratic youth summer camp on the nearby island of Utöya.

In 2017, the Norwegian Court of Appeal ruled that Norway did not violate human rights when Breivik was imprisoned. He thus reversed the verdict of the court of first instance in 2016, which acknowledged some of Breivik’s complaints and described his detention in isolation as inhuman and degrading treatment.

The Norwegian prison system is more focused on the correction of detainees than punishment, and most of the Norwegian public considers the conditions of Breivik’s imprisonment to be very human. In Skien Prison, Breivik has three cells at its disposal – living, working and training cells with a total area of ​​30 square meters. He can move freely between them throughout the day. It also has ample access to daylight. Among other things, the cells have a desk, a TV with a DVD player, a computer without an internet connection or a treadmill.



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