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Iranian goalkeeper denies she is a man: “I am a woman”

Zohreh Koudaei denies that she is a man. The goalkeeper of the Iranian team has aroused suspicion after the victory over Jordan, in which she managed to stop two penalties. The Jordanian Football Association says it is certain that Koudaei (32) is actually a man.

The union has therefore filed a complaint and demanded a gender verification. Koudaei now strikes back. “I am going to sue the Jordanian federation,” she says, according to various media. “I’m a woman. What Jordan does is what we call bullying.”


The 32-year-old Koudaei has been playing international matches for the national team of . since 2007 Iran. After the qualifier against Jordan for the Asia Cup, she had to answer for herself. The Iranian team manager says Jordan is looking for an excuse for the defeat.

“The medical staff has carefully tested every player for the use of hormones to prevent these situations. I call on all fans not to worry,” said coach Maryam Irandoost.

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