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iPhone 16 Rumored to Ditch Physical Buttons for Capacitive Ones: Latest Updates


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iPhone 16 is rumored to ditch physical buttons entirely and replace them with capacitive ones

According to”economic every day》 Recent reports indicate that Apple has placed an order with ASE Investment Controls for capacitive button system in package (SiP) modules to replace the existing physical buttons. It is expected that this new order will be applied on both sides of the iPhone 16 series and replace them with capacitive touch buttons. In addition, to improve the user experience, 2 Taptic Engine vibration feedback motors are added, allowing users to receive vibration feedback when pressing keys, achieving the goal of disappearing the physical buttons outside the body of the iPhone.

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Of course, this is not the first time that there are rumors that physical buttons will be canceled As early as last year, before the release of the iPhone 15 series, there were rumors that Apple was planning to iPhone 15 Pro series equipped with hard. capacitive buttons, including buttons for volume control But, in the end, technical problems could not be overcome. It was changed back to the original mechanical button before official mass production, and only the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max implemented. button to replace the silent switch.

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According to past rumors, the entire iPhone 16 series this year is expected to be equipped with action buttons, and a new button for shooting This button can also change the position, focus of the camera and shooting functions / start recording by swiping. However, both foreign media MacRumors and 9to5Mac believe that Apple’s order of capacitive buttons from these supply chains does not necessarily mean that capacitive buttons will be used in this year’s iPhone 16 series.

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However, except for this news from the Economic Daily, all the rumors and leaked CAD design drawings and mobile phone models so far have not seen the news of canceling the physical button. However, Apple’s latest iPhone capacitive button system-of-paper model (SiP) under Sunlight Investment can be used to prepare for the new “shoot button”, as it was previously reported that the button can use shortcut keys to control the camera zoom, focus, shooting and other custom functions by sliding and pressing.

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Regardless of whether new capacitive buttons are fully adopted in iPhone 16, the biggest upgrade this time is the camera system. The iPhone 16 Pro series is rumored to offer stronger optical zoom capabilities, the ultra-wide lens will be upgraded to 48 million pixels, and an anti-reflective coating will be added to reduce screen glare. The main lens will also be updated with a new sensor to improve low-light shooting performance.

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