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Wife Suspects Husband Resurrected in Sichuan: A Case of ‘Dead Body Resurrection’ Leaves Locals Shocked

The woman suspected that her husband had resurrected. (Photo/reproduced from Weibo)

An unsolved case of “dead body resurrection” occurred in Sichuan, mainland China A husband named Wang swallowed sleeping pills and was pronounced dead in the morgue two days later his wife took the t -name of Yu and her relatives and friends What made Yu’s daughter even more uncomfortable was that her husband was resurrected she suspected that her husband was the result of local magic.

According to the “Tiantian News” report, Wang Nan killed himself by swallowing pills many years ago because he could not think of anything. He was pronounced dead by the doctor. -all relatives and friends who were present to run out the door. In the future, the surviving daughter not only realized that her husband had risen from the dead, put on his shroud and went home alone to sit in the -living room, she was also afraid that her late husband might be reincarnated.

Yu Nu, who heard stories of resurrected bodies from the village elders since she was a child, discovered that her husband, who was originally introverted and taciturn but mature and stable in his behavior, and loved food eating spicy and drinking alcohol, grew childhood. The diet is very light, and even the physical fitness has changed from a middle-aged man in his 50s to a young man in his 20s who can easily do all kinds of physical work.

Although Yu’s daughter was afraid of the various changes made by her husband, she chose to hold on for several years for the sake of her family.

After her husband swallowed a light bulb and left home, Yu’s daughter went to several hospitals and clinics to look for her husband who could come for light bulb medical treatment, they would die from blood – within two days at the latest. To make matters worse, although everyone found blood stains and found witnesses, they found Wang Nan four days after his disappearance.

Four days later, Mr. Wang surprised everyone again. truth Mr. Wang said that after he accidentally swallowed a broken glass at the age of 12, he discovered that his stomach and intestines were different from ordinary people, and he also developed the habit of eating glass, relatives and friends , so he could only eat secretly.

Mr. Wang further explained that after his resurrection, he had been too tired in the past, he wanted to live a happier and healthier life, so he stopped eating spicy food, drink alcohol, and he became reckless in the dispute, he just wanted to scare his wife, but he didn’t break the glass enough, you only bleed when you hurt your mouth . Although Yu Nu did not agree with this explanation, she still lived with her husband under everyone’s persuasion.

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