iPhone 14 Pro Max Price and Specifications, Launch Schedule in Indonesia to the Latest Apple HP Performance

DIY NEWS – Here’s the information price and specification iPhone 14 pro Max, timetable launching from Indonesia until performa Latest Apple phones release when.

The world of technology, especially the Apple brand HP, namely: iPhone 14 Pro Max say it will release from Indonesia with price and specification.

Latest rumors about HP iPhone 14 Pro Max will release the year 2022, as well as leaks price dn specification also circulated on social media.

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Leaks release Hp iPhone 14 Pro Max circulating on the warganet will release on 13 September 2022 or towards the end of this year.

Even though it’s not the date or timetable The official release has talked about Apple’s product, the HP iPhone 14 pro Max.

Apart from news timetable release, price HP iPhone 14 Pro Max known to be cheaper than the previous series, namely the iPhone 13 Pro Max in Indonesia.

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later, performa iPhone 14 Pro Max will be more sophisticated and get a considerable improvement from the iPhone 13 series.

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