“iOS Tech Update: Discover How to Convert a Video into a GIF on Your iPhone and iPad – A Glimpse into Digital Innovation”

Wednesday, March 22, 2023 09:20 am

GIFs are animated images that have become a staple of online conversations on social media platforms. Sometimes, we may want to convert a part of a video into a GIF file for online use. While using Android, this may require users to use a third-party app. external, and the same can be done without using any external resource on iOS.

Shortcuts app

devices come iPhone And iPad with a pre-installed app called “Shortcuts.” For starters, this app offers over 300 built-in actions and also allows users to create custom shortcuts for several apps, including contacts, photos, camera, and more. Most importantly, it also allows you to Converts videos – and even still images – into GIFs.

If you don’t have the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad, you can download it from the Apple App Store.

How to turn a video into a GIF on iPhone or iPad

Open the Shortcuts app.

Go to the Gallery tab and type GIF in the search bar.

Then, click on the Videos to GIF option available under the Shortcuts tab.

– Click on the Add Shortcut button available at the bottom of the screen.

– Choose the video clip from your gallery which you want to convert to GIF.

– Next, you will be prompted to shorten the video – if it is too long – by dragging the sliders on both ends of the clip.

Make the changes as per your preference and hit save option. After saving the GIF file, you can share it with others using the share button.

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Once everything is done, hit the Done button.

Source: Technology News: Learn the steps to convert a video clip to a GIF file on iPhone and iPad

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