Most Common Questions About California

The home to the best productions globally also hosts many other features. Therefore questions concerning California are frequent from non-residents, some mainly involving the beloved Hollywood. 

Nonetheless, we shall examine all frequent questions concerning the beautiful and classic state. Here are the most common questions about California.

Is California Expensive To Live In?

California is a classy area considering the activities taking place in the location. Different individuals get confused and caught in a dilemma when moving to L.A., as they assume it is expensive to live in. 

The most crucial factor about California is the distinction between the suburbs (Beverly Hills) and standard residential areas. A takeaway is that this state is more manageable than other locations, like New York City.

What’s the State of Beverly Hills?

Beverly Hills hosts some of the most influential people around the U.S.A and globally. There’s a need to know the living situation up in the wealthy hills aside from what people can search online. Usually, individuals want to know which celebrity lives near their favorite movie or music star. Beverly Hills also hosts many personalities, including athletes and influential business persons.

Is Gambling Legal in California?

Is online gambling legal in California? Well, this is unsurprisingly a common question about the state. Wagering in California is allowed, and you can visit various traditional casino joints for the activity. You can easily get a list of the best real money online casinos in California, an analysis of the games to try for a chance at real money and a guide on how to get started with gambling in the state. However, it is important to be familiar and stay updated with the gambling laws in the state. Regarding online betting, there are various platforms to try. 

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Have you Ever Been to Disneyland?

The kids are also a part of such questions where they mostly ask about the famous Disneyland and Mickey Mouse story. As a curious adult, Disney World is a region where you can have great family moments or fun with friends. The area has grown into a perfect entertainment zone, ideally accommodating all ages through the diverse forms of entertainment available. 

It would be best to be prepared financially, as excellent enjoyment will cost a little more in California than elsewhere. This is why most California residents only sometimes visit the historical area. 

Are Movies and Music Videos Produced on California Streets?

It is common for most non-residents to assume that Hollywood has their productions made on California streets. There are few movie and music scenes shot in L.A, but mostly these scenes involve specific areas like around sports arenas. Typically, different productions utilize a designated area in Hollywood for most shoots. 

Have You Met any Celebrities?

This is another Hollywood-related question though one of the expected ones. You’ll be surprised to know how rare it is to meet an influential person on a typical day. Celebrities are usually around their homes or in Hollywood working.  

More so, you can meet different celebs in restaurants or during social events like sports. If you are a fan of the L.A Clippers or L.A Lakers, you can also see and interact with sports celebs like Lebron James and Kawhi Leonard. 


California is a common interest for many people, including residents who still need to explore the area entirely. The above questions show people’s interest in California as they also showcase places people can visit and outline personalities to look out for.

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