Investigation into the mysterious death of an artist from Chartres in Croatia

The lifeless body of chartrain artist Pascal Cataye, 41, was discovered in a forest in Croatia, in Rijeka, on March 3, 2020.

The prosecutor of the Republic of Chartres, Rémi Coutin, is very careful in this case: “No track, accidental, suicidal or criminal, is ruled out. “

But the continuation of the investigations turns out to be complicated because the body is in a morgue, in Croatia: “A translator wrote an autopsy report, but the methods and the terms are different. It is very difficult to have a precise idea of ​​the death. “

The repatriation of the body and an autopsy carried out in France should be able to enlighten the investigators of the departmental safety. The prosecutor asked the police in Nice (Alpes-Maritimes) to interview his ex-wife, and those in Bordeaux (Gironde) to question his sister in order to find out more about the personality of the deceased.

Divorced, single and childless, Pascal Cataye lived in Nice before settling in Eure-et-Loir. Éric Bautry, from Courville-sur-Eure, was one of his friends: “Her sister is not in a condition to speak to you, she authorized me to do so. I have known Pascal for ten years. We worked together for Universal Music. He is a freelance, intuitive, very talented graphic designer who studied science. Eric Bautry had advised him to come and live in Chartres. He had moved in December 2019.

A discreet man on his private life

Artistic director of his company, Da Ghost Prod, Pascal Cataye worked on video montages but also for the press, individuals, businesses and comics. “He was also the author of comics. “

Without news for several days, Éric Bautry went to his friend’s home in Chartres on January 21, 2020. He discovered a hanging device. The police believed that the technique put in place could not work. Pascal Cataye was absent and unreachable.

According to the prosecutor, he was a bit depressed. The missing person was entered in the wanted file which contains 580,000 names.

Investigators then discovered that on January 18, 2020, Pascal Cataye had sent packages of his personal effects from Chartres to a list of friends, including Éric Bautry:

“Is this a farewell sign that I didn’t understand? One can wonder if he did not plan his own death. I have regrets for not detecting her bad life. “

The disappeared is described as a discreet man in his private life, having a pessimistic vision of the world and the dark universe in his personal and sometimes professional productions. He had apparently been very affected by the death of his father during his adolescence.

But he also had a happy side, according to his friend: “He had a sense of humor. We were running together. He was happy when he was in the nature he loved so much. Pascal Cataye visited Croatia for the second time in his life. “The first time was with his wife. He wanted to go back. “

The graphic designer used a pseudo: Da Ghost (ghost). And his latest comic was called End.

The origin of the smell of sulfur which crossed the Eure-et-Loir remains mysterious

Thierry Delaunay
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