Investigated in Campo de Criptana for hiring a loan to collect it with the bank card insurance – Ciudad Real News

The Ciudad Real Civil Guard has investigated a person in Campo de Criptana as the alleged perpetrator of the crimes of simulation and bank fraud when he contracted a loan of 500 euros with the intention of collecting that money later through the insurance of the bank card.

The investigation began approximately two months ago when the civil guards became aware of a possible crime of fraud through a complaint, in which the company charged the amount of 500 euros in credit to their bank account. /loan.

From there, the pertinent steps were initiated to verify the facts and thus be able to clarify them, the Civil Guard reported in a press release.

Throughout these months of investigation and after having collected enough information, the investigators verified that the complainant contracted a loan with the company that charged the initial amount of 500 euros in his bank account, all with the aim of collecting later that amount of money through the insurance of the credit / debit card of your bank.

The proceedings have been brought to the attention of the Courts of First Instance and Instruction number 2 of Alcázar de San Juan.

The Civil Guard informs citizens that reporting a crime that has not been committed carries criminal consequences. In this sense, the Penal Code establishes that anyone who, before any judicial or administrative official who has the duty to investigate, pretends to be responsible or victim of a criminal offense or denounces a non-existent one, causing procedural actions, will be punished with a fine of six to twelve months.

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