Introduction to the “OTV” evening news bulletin for Sunday, 1/29/2023

In the Grand Serail, Najib Mikati was celebrating the achievement of what his previous government had obstructed, prompting former Energy Minister Cesar Abi Khalil to say: The movement drew borders, worked on the law and engineered the gas and oil project from A to Z. As for Miqati, he resigned in 2013 so as not to sign the decrees, and we are four years late…to add: Today we are resting and without hitting a blow, we are celebrating the signing…the days of the few and the shop.

As for Batroun, the appointment was with a lengthy speech by Representative Gebran Bassil, in which he detailed the movement’s position on the various topics presented, to the extent of telling the truth that hurts.. However, whatever the case may be, the message reached those concerned, from the internal and external parties.

At a time when much is being said about the upcoming five-year Paris conference on the Lebanese situation, there is a certain internal movement on the presidential line, centered on former MP Walid Jumblatt, which almost led him today to Ain al-Tineh, at a time when Hezbollah’s efforts succeeded in discouraging President Najib Mikati from a third provocative session. For the government, where he announced yesterday that it was postponed under the pretext that the educational file was not ready, so that he would not admit that he had met Hezbollah’s request..

As for the judiciary front, there are those who are counting on possible measures that will restore matters to normal, in contrast to those who consider that we are heading towards issuing the indictment in a way that will make the internal situation subject to a new political explosion..

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