When will the next lockdown come? The situation is developing badly, the Czech Republic is at risk of level four

In Prague, the PES score has deteriorated significantly in recent days. It is also not developing well in other regions and districts. Some are even in grade five.

The Czech Republic is thus in danger of soon falling to level four, which would mean the re-closure of retail, restaurants and services. For a worse grade, it is sufficient for the PES score to be above 60 for three days. Minister of Health Jan Blatný (for YES) said that it was not an obligation. “But it could be a fundamental reason,” the minister said.

After a long wait, it was only on Thursday that there was a great disintegration, shops, restaurants were opened and services can now also work. However, many experts criticize that the release took place at a time when the situation in the Czech Republic is still very serious.

“I am worried about seeing people enthusiastically saying that they will go to the pub. It will not turn out well,” thinks immunologist Václav Hořejší, for example. “I am most afraid of visiting restaurants and wellness centers,” he added.

Seven regions are currently in grade three and seven in grade four. The worst is currently the Liberec region (score 71), the best is still Prague (49). However, it is in the capital that there has been a relatively significant deterioration in recent days. Still on Wednesday, December 2, the score was 38, which would even mean grade two.

It is important to monitor the situation in Prague, because other regions have copied developments in the metropolis in the past. According to chief hygienist Jarmila Rážová, Prague is ahead of other regions. “One of the very probable explanations is that Prague had high incidences of positivity earlier than other regions,” the hygienist explained why the situation in Prague improved better than in other regions.

Until recently, the Liberec region was also among the premiants. On Tuesday, December 1, he reported a score of 57, but on Friday, December 4, he reached a value of 71, just below level five.

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Compared to the beginning of the week, the PES score also worsened in the Karlovy Vary (from 44 to 59), Moravian-Silesian (from 57 to 62), Ústí nad Labem (from 57 to 64), Olomouc (from 59 to 64), Plzeň (from 49 to 51) and in the Vysočina region (from 57 to 62). On the contrary, improvements occurred in the South Moravian Region (from 57 to 51), the Pardubice Region (from 57 to 52) and the Zlín Region (from 67 to 62).

So far, all regions are at worst in level four, but the situation is worse in individual districts. Level five is reported, for example, by the districts of Prostějov (81) or Semily (79). In the Trutnov district, the value of the PES score was even 96 on 27 November. However, it was probably a short-term fluctuation, because on 23 November the score was 43 and on 4 December it returned to 46.

On the other hand, the best numbers are reported by the districts of Prague-East (42), Tachov (44), Plzeň-město and Beroun (both 46).

The situation is also exacerbated by secret parties. The Minister of Health Jan Blatný (for YES) said what punishment he proposes for them:


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