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Dubai – The criminal court closed the bank account of the person who sent money to the drug gang. A fine of Dh10,000 was also imposed. The expatriate sent the money to the account of the leader of the drug sales gang. The deal was with a gang that was dealing in drugs like crystal and heroin. The expatriate sent the money following a message received on WhatsApp.

The court directed to close his bank account after the money transaction was caught. Bank transactions cannot be done for two years. The police are not sure whether he was under the influence of alcohol. The accused did not confess to the crime during interrogation. Although it was clear that he had sent the money, he did not give any answer to the question regarding this. After the money was sent, the drugs came from abroad in his name.

The court was informed that the police found intoxicating substances after searching the vehicle. If he wants to open a bank account in the UAE, he needs permission from the central bank. The police have warned the expatriates to be careful not to fall into the net of gangs selling drugs through social media.

Mafias are active, waiting to trap victims by sending pictures and videos. The message from unknown sources reaches the mobile phones with the assurance that intoxicants can be delivered to any part of the country. The websites and social media accounts of the sellers are being monitored by the UAE Anti-Narcotics Department.

Police have closed various online sites for selling and promoting drugs. Transactions for sale of drugs through social media have started since the time of Covid. The method is to make connections through social media and then deliver the goods. The police also suggest that parents should sensitize their children not to respond to messages sent to children and teenagers from foreign mobile numbers.

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According to Federal Law 34 of 2021, those who use online media for drug marketing will be fined 5-10 lakh dirhams in addition to imprisonment. All interactions related to intoxication are covered by this Act.

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