Introducing Las Yubartas: The Hispanic American Narrative Award Celebrating Transformative Literature

Introducing Las Yubartas: The Hispanic American Narrative Award Celebrating Transformative Literature

The New York International Book Fair, eight publishers from Latin America, one from Spain and one from the United States came together to create Las Yubartas, a Hispanic American narrative award that recognizes the changes that narrative is having in the world and seeks to give visibility to Hispanic literature.

The Las Yubartas award has some characteristics that make it unique: on the one hand, it allows the participation of intergeneric and interdisciplinary books, which means that all narrative books can participate, including those that go beyond its limits: novels, short stories, stories in verse, novelistic essays, etc., and also conventional genres (novel and short story), as long as they are literary works and not of an academic or informative nature.

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Most of the narrative awards that exist in Spanish opt for only one of the genres.

The other characteristic that makes it particular is that books written in Spanish may participate, regardless of the nationality of the writer, and rare bilingual books or where translation is a literary tool or where new languages ​​are invented, as long as it is taken into account. Spanish is counted as a reference language.

“This makes it an award that goes beyond nations,” explains Pedro Lemus, narrative editor at Laguna Libros, a Colombian publishing house that participates in Las Yubartas.

These characteristics make Las Yubartas recognize and recognize that the boundaries between literary genres are increasingly blurred, that Spanish is undergoing transformations in countries like the United States and that it is found throughout the world.

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Writers of any nationality may participate and the winning book will receive $4,200 as an advance payment for the copyright and publication of the book in the 10 publishers and their respective countries, including Laguna Libros as a participant from Colombia.

The other publishers are: Hueders from Chile, Pesopluma from Peru, Sigilo from Argentina, Dum Dum from Bolivia, Severo from Ecuador, HUM from Uruguay, The Outskirts of Spain, Antelope from Mexico and Chatos Inhumanos from the United States.

According to Pedro Lemus, “independent publishers believe in alliances and we know that shared efforts allow us to go further. In Laguna there have already been great experiences.”

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Thus, the award not only seeks to encourage and promote Latin American literature, but also to reflect the vitality and diversity of the literary and publishing ecosystems in the region.

The deadline to submit the texts is until December 15 and the winner will be known before April 30, 2024.

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