Internet shopping | Ministry of Justice warns of risks of photographing a DNI as a requirement to deliver a product purchased online

The pandemic for COVID-19 has caused many businesses prioritize or venture into electronic commerce and adopt protocols to ensure that the physical delivery of their products is carried out safely.

In this process, some companies would be requiring customers to send a photograph of their National identity document (DNI), in order to make sure that the goods are delivered to the true buyer.

In this regard, National Data Protection Authority (ANPD), of Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, reminded the public that, in accordance with the principle of proportionality contained in the Personal Data Protection Law, for the purchase and sale of products Only the data strictly necessary to deliver the good should be requested.

In this sense, the ANPD warns that the photographic capture of the DNI implies the granting of personal data that are not relevant to the delivery; such as date of birth, marital status, verification digit or ubigeo.

“Some of these data are requested by State platforms to guarantee the authenticity of the person accessing a service or good, but the free collection of these can generate risks of impersonation,” said Eduardo Luna, general director of the ANPD.

For this reason, companies were encouraged to evaluate their product delivery protocols and provide alternatives to their customers, one of them being the handwritten signature. In turn, Maria Alejandra Gonzalez, director of Personal data protection, he emphasized that “a citizen cannot be ordered to hand over his ID as a condition to receive a product that he has purchased online.”

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