Inquiry – Pajtim Kasami openly and honestly: “The fans are allowed to insult us, we deserve it”


Pajtim Kasami openly and honestly: “The fans are allowed to insult us, we deserve it”

FCB midfielder Pajtim Kasami talks about sleepless nights, pride and the fan confrontation after the cup debacle after the 0-0 draw against Lausanne.

Pajtim Kasami looks questioningly at the referee, who was not always of his opinion against Lausanne.

Marc Schumacher / freshfocus

The whole city has called for a reaction, did you succeed?

compliance Kasami: Yes. We fought and showed that we would not be slaughtered. Even before the game, I felt that everyone really wanted to and knew that we would have a good game. We have to fight for our jerseys and show our pride.

Fighting was particularly important when outnumbered.

I didn’t see the scene itself, I was surprised to find someone suddenly on the ground. After the red card, we had to show even more will and solidarity. I felt that everyone was going for the other and was therefore convinced that we would still get a good result.

What went better today than on Wednesday?

Hopefully what happened on Wednesday won’t happen again. We can only apologize for this. But the defeat made it clear to us that we couldn’t go on like this. I myself had a sleepless night of adrenaline. I was disappointed and sad and faced the fans and listened to what they said. Today I took that to heart and I’m proud that we showed character today after such an embarrassment. But we can certainly do better than that. But with one player less it was difficult.

How was the situation with the fans on Wednesday?

We were in the dressing room when Taulant Xhaka was with the fans. I then go after to see what is. I’ve seen situations like this in my career. The fans could have said what they wanted. I know that you are right, you can insult us. We deserve that.

What did this confrontation cause?

We felt that the fans are there for us despite Corona and that they expect us to fight for the red and blue jersey until we fall over.

Today you have at least fought your way to zero and thus a point.

This is very important for morale and for the whole defensive. You can build on that. But now we have to shut down a bit first. The list of injuries is long. Everyone is on their gums and we want to attack St. Gallen again.

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