Infonavit launches credit ConstruYO in Tlaxcala; 45 thousand 118 workers can access this scheme

The Institute of the National Fund for Housing for Workers (Infonavit) launched the ConstruYO Infonavit credit in Tlaxcala, through which it seeks to help address the 11 percent housing backlog recorded by the entity, since borrowers who do not seek buy a new or existing house, with the financing they can build, expand or remodel their heritage.

At a press conference, the state representative of the General Directorate of InfonavitVicente Corral Lastra specified that at least 45 thousand 118 right holders in the state could meet their housing needs through ConstruYO Infonavit, but according to the National Housing Survey there are 7 thousand workers who want to acquire land rather than a house and “We believe that we are going to go along that line.”

This credit has a maximum amount of 81,902 pesos for repairs and 585,017 pesos for major works, with terms of 24 to 120 months to pay, with which it seeks to meet all the housing needs of the beneficiaries.

According to Infonavit, 45 thousand 118 workers could access this financing in the state for the acquisition of materials and payment of labor, which has a maximum credit amount of up to 585 thousand 017 pesos for major works and 81 thousand 902 pesos for repairs, with terms that can range from 24 to 120 months.

The three modalities that make up this product are: Minor Repairs that allows accredited men and women to change windows, floors, paint, waterproof or change the kitchen, bathroom furniture. and so on.

The second option is to receive Technical Assistance for expansion, reinforcement or remodeling of the spaces of a house with works that could affect the structure, as well as for the construction of a new house, with the support of a trusted mason. This modality has the support of a technical advisor registered with Infonavit who supports to guarantee the safety and quality of housing.

While the third modality is to work on the construction of a new home, expand, reinforce or remodel spaces, with the support of a professional builder registered with Infonavit.

The workers who are interested in this financing must have a current employment relationship of eight months of continuous contribution with the same employer, have at least 1,080 pre-qualification points, submit a document that proves the safe possession of the property where it is planned. carry out the repair or construction, be registered in an Afore, sign the consultation to the Credit Information Societies and not have a current credit with Infonavit.

ConstruYO Infonavit is a credit without mortgage guarantee granted by a financial institution, through Infonavit, which began operations as a pilot program in August 2020, benefiting workers in Baja California, Oaxaca, the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Valley of Mexico, Nayarit , Jalisco, Chiapas and Yucatán with credits for a total economic benefit of 37 million 877 thousand 654 pesos.

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