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Info Midi Libre: death of Lucas Tronche in Bagnols, his phone did not hide any secrets

Info Midi Libre – The mystery may never be lifted on the circumstances of the death of the 16-year-old teenager, who disappeared on March 18, 2015 and whose remains were found on June 24 on the steep side of a cliff located less than a kilometer from the family home.

This is only a partial result and will need to be confirmed by further investigation. But according to information gathered by Midi Libre, the analysis of Lucas Tronche’s phone, found on June 26 on the cliff where the teenager’s remains had been discovered two days earlier, did not bring anything to the investigators. “Nothing in this partial examination allows to know more about this day: no meeting, no meeting, no threat or particular project”, tells Midi Libre a well-informed source.

He had turned off his phone at 5:16 p.m.

The 16-year-old went missing on March 18, 2015, around 5 p.m., after deciding not to go with his older brother to their weekly pool session. His brother had indicated that, in the afternoon, Lucas appeared to be busy on his phone, which he then turned off at 5:16 p.m. The teenager’s body was not found until six years later, when of research carried out at the request of the Nîmes examining magistrate Déborah Cohen by firefighters, as a reminder, on the walls of this 80-meter-high cliff, located about one kilometer from the family home.

? #Gard Lucas #Face : after the DNA revelations, research focuses on the cellphone and the skullhttps://t.co/MB7XlrmE5y pic.twitter.com/ZGH8DGGYsK

– Midi Libre (@Midilibre) July 9, 2021

The teenager not being depressed and the thesis of a suicide appearing little substantiated, the police hoped that the examination of the contents of his phone would make it possible to understand why he had gone that day on this rocky peak. “Its content can be very interesting if we manage to recover photos, text messages and possible conversation threads on messaging applications”, indicated last July a source close to the file.

The Nîmes prosecutor cannot confirm for the moment

Asked this Monday, September 20, Eric Maurel, the public prosecutor of Nîmes, was not able to confirm this information at the moment. “The investigating judge in charge of the case is currently absent,” he told Midi Libre.

This hope of knowing more thanks to these technical data therefore seems now ruled out, unless further investigations reveal elements that have remained hidden. And the thesis of the possible intervention of a third party in this drama does not come out reinforced: the trail of an accident that occurred during a walk decided by this teenager who is passionate about nature now seems the most credible.

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