Indonesian Instant Noodles He said from Senegal, The Trade Minister: I Want to Laugh: Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – Minister Trading Muhammad Lutfi tells the story of Indonesian products that are claimed abroad. These products are indomie or instant noodles produced by Indofood.

The story began when Lutfi became Indonesian Ambassador to Japan. While in Japan, he met the Ambassador from Senegal. At that time, the Ambassador of Senegal was concurrently serving as Ambassador to Indonesia.

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“Incidentally the Ambassador of Senegal to Indonesia is domiciled in Tokyo. So he has dual positions as the Ambassador of Indonesia and Japan,” he said in his remarks at the virtual release of goods exports from HIPMI, Thursday (8/4/2021).

He continued, every time the Senegalese ambassador came to Indonesia, Lutfi had to prepare his logistics and transportation needs. One day Lutfi was called that the Senegalese ambassador brought famous food products from Senegal.

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“When we met, it turned out that the product was Indomie which was produced by Indofood in Senegal. He said that this item was from Senegal, because it was produced there. I wanted to laugh but I couldn’t,” he said.

In this case, he added, that Indonesia must have other products such as Indomie which is already well known in the world. So that there will be more Indonesian products in the global market.

“It turns out that Indonesian products have been recognized by the world. Now HIPMI’s job is to make products from Indonesia worldwide. So creating new Indomies in the world market. So that we can find many Indonesian products in the world,” he said.

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