Reinhardshain fire brigade is happy about the new thermal imaging camera

The important aid for modern fire fighting has a value of 1,600 euros. The camera was donated by SV Sparkassen Versicherung.

GRÜNBERG – SV Sparkassen Versicherung / SV Kommunal has been promoting fire services for many years. Fire brigades and insurers have the protection and saving of human life in view, but of course also building rescue and the prevention of damage. Anniversary bonuses, grants for fire protection cases and, above all, innovative fire fighting equipment have been funded in recent years.

Since many fire brigade emergency departments do not yet have a thermal imaging camera, municipalities insured with SV Sparkassen Versicherung can obtain this free of charge from the KRISTALL insurance policy. This is intended to strengthen the operational capability of the weirs and to relieve the municipal budget.

The city of Grünberg was able to receive this thermal imaging camera worth 1600 EUR free of charge from Klaus Amend from SV SparkassenVersicherung for the Reinhardshain volunteer fire brigade, represented by military leader Christian Münch and his deputy Marc Eckhardt, through Mayor Frank Ide. Grünberg’s city fire inspector Jörg Sprankel was also present. Amend from SV SparkassenVersicherung explained: “Thermal imaging cameras are a means of modern fire fighting in building fires. Their use makes it possible to localize the location of the fire in a burning house and to fight it effectively and at the same time can help to reduce the damage caused by fire and extinguishing water. ” He also pointed out: “In addition, the cameras can also be used specifically to search for and rescue people.

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Because a thermal imaging camera converts the infrared radiation emanating from a heat source into an image that is visible to humans. It may be that you cannot see anything with the naked eye in a smoky room, but you can see more and better with the thermal imaging camera. In this way, the thermal imaging camera helps to rescue missing people more quickly. But it is also an important tool for assessing the situation, deploying dangerous goods or searching for people after traffic accidents. “SV SparkassenVersicherung plans to equip more than 800 insured municipalities with a free thermal imaging camera by 2023 and is thus investing around 1.3 million euros in this fire service funding measure .


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