Index – Meanwhile – The new Wellhello issue has arrived, taking it in new directions

After a long time, the latest issue of Wellhello has finally arrived, which was given the title of JURY. The song takes the style of the band known so far in completely new directions. The number stays down all the way and doesn’t dagger to the surface, but that’s not a problem at all, as it will all make it mysterious and mysterious. The dynamics of the cuts also work well, both in terms of cartoon flashes and the visual world, it doesn’t let you wander.

The visuals of the clip captivate the viewer, and sometimes even the Where Are Ü Now clip by Jack Ü and Justin Bieber comes to mind because of smiling faces and masks.

The song is briefly about overnight adventures and being emotionless. But not only because of the change of style and visuality, it is worth highlighting the song and the clip, but after a long time we can see the front man, Fluor Tomi, who has become one of the biggest cap holders in Hungary in the last 10 years.

The song can be viewed and listened to here.


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